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Hand-picked interview questions that are asked in almost all web development interviews.

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CNAT (Centralized National Assessment Test) is the holy grail for getting your dream web development job

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What You'll Learn

The Fundamentals

In this module, you would be learning basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We'd be starting right from how the internet exactly works so that everyone gets to understand the fundamentals in a good manner.

Intermediate Level Concepts

Next, we roll over to some advanced concepts in JavaScript and start understading how things actually work behind a website or a simple web app.

Welcome to the world of Frameworks!

Here you would be learning about JavaScript framework: ReactJS. It is a widely used framework and many of the Fortune 500 companies use it too!

Web 3.0 Rules Everything

Last but not the least, we'd be taking a deep dive into Web 3.0 which simply means the current generation of web development - Blockchain! Believe us, there's a lot of exciting stuff in here!

You Get Job Ready

Sleep peacefully knowing that you are going to land your dream job.

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Interview Questions


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*CNAT refers to Centralized National Assessment Test for Web Development

F to A to the Q!

All your questions answered at one place! Whether be as big as the CNAT (The Legendary Test) or as small as 'How Do I Get In Touch?'

The course will be published before the end of August. It comprises 20+ hours of content with byte-sized learning and practical implementation instead of just rote definitions.

The thing that makes us an out-of-the-box platform for learning front-end is that we make you ready for front-end! Of course, other platforms will give you a certificate of completion after maybe ticking those videos. But when it’s us, we make sure that the money you have invested in yourself gives you better returns in the future!

  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
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  • Job-ready curriculum to get you better results
  • Guided projects to show your employer
  • And much more!
  • We love to brag here. Our curriculum is updated every 4 months. Every video you watch needs to go over a remake so that you get the best and the most updated education possible!

    Yes! We do. Although, if we made a mistake and you’re unhappy, we would love to hear your thoughts here first. So that next time, we could be even better. We currently have a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy.

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    Declan Campbell

    "If you want to get your dream job with the least amount of efforts, then this is the course for you! You get the most asked interview questions, guided projects to show off your employers and 20 hours of updated content! That's all you ever need to land your dream job!"

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